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Commercial and residential CCTV

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Elite Security tailors security solutions to your personal needs.

Offering the highest range of CCTV systems, as well as premium installation service. We work with top leading manufacturers to deliver the highest level product to our customers.

Intercom Systems

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Smart intercom solutions for your workplaces, residential and commercial buildings. Intercom systems offer extra security, by screening people before allowing entry into your business or home.

Gain full control of your premises.

Electronic Gates

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Our expert team installs and programs the gates for a smooth operating.

Enables full access control. Perfect for traffic management and to control who can enter/exit

Intruder Alarms

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Alarm systems ensure the prevention of security breaches.

Providing a variety of intruder alarm systems to specifically suit your business and personal needs.

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Commercial and Residential CCTV Systems

Intercom Systems

Alarm Systems

Network Solutions

Electronic Gates, Barriers & Bollards

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Some top manufacturers we work with

  • Hikvison

  • Dahua

  • Texecom

  • Videx

    Commercial and residential CCTV Systems

    Elite Security offers a superb range of CCTV products to our customers, as well as a first rate installation service. We work with some of the leading manufacturers in the CCTV industry to ensure we can offer our customers a truly tailored solution for all their CCTV installation needs.

    Our skilled and highly experienced engineers can install a fully networked IP system with full HD and remote viewing. This system will provide all the clarity you need to ensure your property is safe and secure.

    Advanced Intercom Systems

    Wireless, apartment intercoms, video intercoms

    Your security and that of your business property is paramount and must be considered at all times. If you are currently looking for way to enhance the level of security in your premise, intercom system is what you should be going for next. Intercom systems offer extra security because you can use it to screen people who want to enter either the business offices or your house. It is not possible for a person to go past the door if the person inside the premise doesn’t have enough confidence to allow him or her to get in. At the end, with this system, forceful intrusions and other forms of crimes will become a thing of the past.

    Network Solutions

    Cyber criminals are constantly employing new tools and strategies to infiltrate your business — making it no longer a question of if, but when your IT systems will be breached.

    That’s why it is so important to understand the threat landscape, develop a cloud security strategy and engage the right partners to help you implement or strengthen your IT network security posture. Doing so will help minimize the impact of any IT security breach on your business to maintain data privacy. After all, the faster you can detect and eject a cyber threat, the less damage it can do to your organization.

    Electronic Gates, Barriers and Bollards

    Siding, cantilever, and swing gates. Barriers and bollards

    Elite Security provides a controlled and highly reliable gate and barrier automation system to meet your perimeter security needs.

    We will ensure to keep your property, vehicles, residents, employees completely protected using up to date high-quality technologies, such as intercom technology and automated gates.

    Our fully qualified engineers will accurately install and maintain the security system to a high standard and monitor how often people pass through. The gate and barrier system can be incorporated with the CCTV and intruder alarm systems to ensure maximum security.

    Alarm Systems

    If you’re looking to protect both your property & staff, then installing monitored alarm & CCTV is the best option. Elite Security specializes in monitored security systems, offering you peace of mind.

    If the alarm is activated the network is alerted quickly with simultaneous alerts to as many people as chosen and phone call alerts via GSM.